MACN Presents at International Maritime Organization (IMO)

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) was pleased to present its work to the Facilitation Committee (FAL) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). 

The presentation covered the impact of corruption, how it acts as a trade barrier and hinders social economic growth, and its effect the well-being the seafarers. However, MACN is also able to demonstrate significant progress in tackling corruption, including in places where this had previously been thought impossible. 

MACN was pleased to have this opportunity to present the issues and raise awareness of corruption at the IMO level. We received good input and encouragement from many member states and other organizations. 

We look forward to continuing this dialogue and to working with the IMO to tackle corruption in the maritime industry. 

MACN 2017 Annual Report Published

MACN is pleased to share its 2017 Annual Report. 

The report contains an overview of progress against the three pillars of MACN's Strategy: Collective Action, Capability Building, and Culture of Integrity. 

MACN made significant progress in 2017. Through our Collective Actions, we have inspired and delivered increased participation in the Suez Canal Say No campaign; developed a new regulatory framework for the dry-bulk vessel clearance process in Argentina, trained over 400 stakeholders, and open-sourced guidance to support implementation; enhanced container tracking in Indonesia; and delivered ethics training for close to 600 government officials in Nigeria.

Our anonymous incident reporting has continued to grow substantially. With over 19,000 incidents of corrupt practices reported to date, MACN has a strong platform to better understand the challenges and to engage with stakeholders, including governments, on shared solutions. MACN has also collaborated with other shipping organizations to address the issue of maritime corruption more broadly in the industry and with maritime regulators.

Last but not least, we now have over 90 companies in our network. Our collective voice and influence grows with our membership.