MACN Article in WCO News

World Customs Organization (WCO) News has published an article by Martin Benderson. The article explains MACN's Collective Action approach and details the benefits of united action to tackle corruption in the maritime industry. 

Fundamental to MACN’s collective action approach is that sustainable solutions to tackle corruption must be enabled by, supported by, and beneficial to key stakeholders. Dialogue with stakeholders is, therefore, a critical part of MACN’s collective action projects, securing commitment and buy-in from local stakeholders in specific countries and ports. Customs authorities are a key stakeholder in MACN’s collective action projects, as they play a central role in the clearance of goods through maritime ports worldwide.

Please download the issue here (PDF) or visit the WCO News website

Collective Actions Updates | May


MACN was pleased to take part in the EU-OECD workshop “Supporting the Development of the Suez Canal Economic Zone: Creating a Business-Friendly Regulatory Environment” in Cairo on May 22. We used this opportunity to inform local stakeholders of the zero tolerance campaign and to seek to build a stronger relationship with local government stakeholders.


The container tracking system used by the Jakarta International Container Terminal has been upgraded by the local authorities. MACN has been pushing for this upgrade since 2016, and we are happy to finally see this action being implemented. With the new upgraded systems, cargo owners can retrieve live data on the percentage capacity utilization of each of the four areas in the terminal (Dry, Reefer, OOG, and DG). 


Additional integrity training of government officials is taking place at the end of May in Port Harcourt, Onne, and Calabar. The training will be executed by MACN's local training partner, with support from the relevant government authorities and MACN’s partner TUGAR. This training will also include the “train the trainer” concept to ensure that the training continues at a local level.


Cecilia Müller Torbrand Joins BSR as MACN Program Director

On 24 April Cecilia Müller Torbrand joined BSR as Program Director for MACN.

BSR and the MACN Steering Committee are pleased with the appointment and the expertise that Cecilia brings to the role.

Previously, Cecilia worked as in-house senior compliance officer for Maersk Group. She has practical knowledge on how to implement concrete and results-focused initiatives relating to compliance, sustainability, and governance. 

Cecilia has anti-corruption experience in management and frontline training, reporting, communication, risk management, audits, and tool development. She was one of the drivers for MACN and in 2015, she was awarded Compliance Officer of the Year by the C5 Women in Compliance Awards.

“I very much look forward to continuing to support the maritime industry in tackling corruption, to further driving MACN’s agenda, and to supporting MACN’s members in their work,” says Cecilia.

Sam Megwa, Chair of MACN, says: "Cecilia’s appointment as a full time resource for the MACN secretariat is a crucial step toward ensuring that we continue to advance the cause of the network and deliver on our strategy. I am very pleased to have a person of her quality and caliber as our Program Director."

Notes Available from Dubai Member Meeting

The MACN team is pleased to share summary notes and full notes from the recent Members Meeting in Dubai. 

In total, 85 representatives from 52 member companies, observers and guest speakers attended the meeting. High-level outcomes included:

  • With members’ approval of the strategy, the 2020 direction of MACN is set and implementation of the strategy is the key next step.
  • The three main strategy pillars (Capacity Building, Collective Action, and Culture of Integrity) and their respective roadmaps were presented at the meeting with positive member feedback.
  • The desired outcome of the strategy is to strengthen MACN’s core activities which means:
    • Build on member engagement to create a level playing field and provide support and tools to assist in strengthening members’ internal compliance programs;
    • Deliver result focused collective actions leading to more efficient port operations and reduction of corrupt demands;
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders to raise awareness of integrity issues across the supply chain and promote actions that strengthen integrity culture for private and public sector.

Thank you to all MACN members for your excellent participation! We look forward to seeing you at the next MACN full group members’ meeting in London, 11-12 October 2017.