Collective Action Updates | March 2018


The UKFCO has agreed to sponsor continued training in Argentina to secure transparency
and integrity in vessels inspections in Argentina. The funding will ensure that 40 company
risk managers receive onsite training on how to prevent risks arising from the new regulatory
framework. 100 companies will also receive practical educational materials about the new
regulatory framework and how to minimize corruption risks during a vessel’s inspections.
MACN is happy to have received this backing from the UKFCO in Argentina. Fernando Basch
of Governance Latam is joining the MACN Spring meeting to provide additional updates.


An MACN letter has been delivered to the Vice President’s office to secure continued
commitment to tackle the operational challenges at a senior government level, and to ensure
that an adequate number of government officials will attend the integrity training arranged for
mid-March. The final training of government officials is taking place in Lagos in mid-March
and is arranged by our local partner Soji Apampa, the Nigerian Shippers Council, and the
Nigerian Anti-Corruption agency, TUGAR. The correspondence with the Nigerian government
is available on Onehub—Collective Action—Nigeria. In March, MACN will kick off the final
session on training government officials.


MACN Program Director Cecilia participated in meetings in London with a Vietnamese
delegation established to improve the business climate in Vietnam (the travel costs for
the delegation were funded by the UKFCO). Representatives included officials from the
Vietnamese government and the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce. Cecilia presented on
the trade barriers in Vietnam and this was well received.
Next steps: The MACN Secretariat is drafting a formal report to the delegation on the
challenges seen in the ports and it will be shared with the membership before submission.

Suez Canal

Reminder: If you join the Suez Canal “Say No” campaign, please notify the MACN Secretariat
( so that we can follow up with companies in the campaign when we measure
the impact of MACN’s activities.