MACN's Pillars: The Three C's

MACN works towards its vision through objectives and goals divided into three pillars: Capability Building, Collective Action, and Culture of Integrity.



Capability Building

Providing industry-leading innovative solutions to our members

Collective Action

Driving and leading sustainable change in the operating environment

Culture of Integrity

A recognised contributor to integrity standards in the industry and society



MACN's Anti-corruption Principles

MACN members are committed to implement the MACN anti-corruption principles as part of their overall compliance program.


Compliance Program

Reflect and address the business risks, include senior management support and sufficient implementation plans.


Training & Communications

Policies and procedures should be reinforced through communications and training to employees and, where appropriate, third parties.


Monitoring & Internal Controls

Anti-corruption compliance programs should include features designed to prevent and detect incidents of bribery, facilitation payments and other forms of corruption through appropriate monitoring and auditing protocols.


Due Diligence

Conduct risk-based due diligence on counterparties as well as in respect of the hiring and oversight of third parties and business partners.

Risk Assessment

Assess external and internal corruption risks on a regular basis and document their findings.


Proportionate Procedures

Ensure that policies and procedures fully comply with relevant laws and regulations and that they are proportionate with the risks faced.


Reporting, Discipline & Incentives

Provide employees with access to methods for asking questions and/or reporting concerns without fear of retribution.